COVID19 Policy

At Rob Neylan Decor, as part of our working policies we take COVID-19 very seriously. As such we follow HM Government guidance by observing the below requirements to ensure maximum safety for both our team and for our customers. In all events, we will carry out a risk assessment at the point of quote and before starting works to ascertain the risks to our team members.

Respecting 2m social distancing

Appointments with potential clients will be via either the contact form on our website (, phonecall or video conferencing software (WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype, Cisco), where possible, to minimise contact time.

Upon visiting your site to either measure up or carry out our work, we are not being rude if we do not shake hands, and will maintain 2m social distancing to protect yourselves and our team members at all times.

We will remove ourselves from the working area, if you or anyone from your household needs to be in, or walk through the working area, and the 2m social distancing rule cannot be met. Ideally, where possible customers should allow rooms in which work takes place to be closed off to our team members in order to minimise contact.

Elderly & vulnerable customers should remain indoors and self-isolate, and we will arrange work visits wherever vulnerable people are at risk.

We will provide our own refreshments to limit customer contact, and consume these in isolation, away from customers. We will dispose of our own materials so that you do not have contact with them.

We will clean and sanitise the working area when works are complete.

Wherever possible, payments for completed works should be made by direct bank transfer.


We will provide and wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). These items will be changed during the day as necessary. These include

  • Latex gloves
  • Face masks (to surgical standard as a minimum)
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Anti-bacterial wipes

We will remove used items of PPE from your home and dispose of them appropriately.

We will carry hand sanitiser at all times, wash hands regularly and re-apply sanitiser frequently.

If an isolated washing area can be provided this would be recommended, though carry our own cleaning equipment if services are not available on site.

Any toilet or washing facilities that are provided and which we use, we will carry antibacterial wipes and clean up after ourselves at all times.

Work environment

We will keep the work area/room well ventilated – opening windows as necessary.

Where possible we will isolate rooms for working in at all times.

In the event of illness

We will notify you if any member of our team has Covid-19 or develops Covid-19 symptoms.

Additionally, you must notify us if you have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 symptoms.

Further information and guidance around COVID 19 and working in peoples homes can be found here:

Until the Government has issued nationwide and reliable testing for COVID-19, and until we understand how immunity to the infection works, it is at our discretion to decide if it is safe to work on your premises.